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The really great moment when you find something to eat in the refrigerator

I have seen many like pages on facebook saying ” I open my fridge , close it and walk away” … so when I was closing the fridge today , I actually found something to eat and well it was tasty 🙂



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The beautiful moment when you propose someone and they say yes!


It is difficult to find a person who suits you , it is more difficult to find a person who accepts you for what you are , Love is an essential part of life , it becomes awesome when one person proposes another and they say yes , the smile is priceless , the feelings cannot be expressed and love is in the air


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The moment you and your best friend say the same thing together at the same time


Friends , Best friends all are a part of this wonderful life we are living , the words collide and you and your best friend burst out laughing , then you stop and look at one another and start laughing again . This happens because you and your best friend are thinking of the exact same thing at the exact same time 🙂


The awesome moment when you look at your crush and find that she/he is looking at you and smiling


Don’t you just love it when this happens , the butterflies in the stomach for the girls , boner for the boys . The perfect eye contact , just what a perfect couple would want . This even gets better if the love is both-ways

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Basic Idea

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I Just made this blog so I will give you all a basic idea what it is about ..

Two-Three months back i was reading readers digest and came across this article where a guy made this blog posting good things in his life , to fight depression

My Idea is similar to his , Just except the depression part

I Will post one awesome thing A day . !


I Hope all the readers enjoy this blog 🙂 !!